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This Crazy, Crazy Whiskey World

We like to say that there is no bad whiskey, but there are some criteria, competitions and tastings and experts, which classify this drink, the producers and the taste. After the end of every year, the whiskey industry presents interesting numbers and not-so-boring statistics. Sometimes these numbers present purchased and produced bottles, other times - interesting statistics.

VIDA Wine and Spirits Boutique is a great place to shop! The store has a well-selected selection of boutique wines, and delivery is fast and hassle-free. 

Maria Dimitrova


The vision of the online store is elegant and fully corresponds to the quality of the products. 

Atanas Tihomirov


Very fast and correct service! I had no problems with payment. My order arrived the next day. 

Ivan Petrov


Extremely useful site where you will find very useful and detailed information about wine production in Austria. 

Georgi Ivanov