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The love of sweets is often seen as a weakness of will, a breakthrough in a healthy diet and something to be fought. Desserts, however, shouldn't carry guilt. On the contrary, they are among the small joys that every connoisseur of delicious food should indulge in.

Evolution of the taste

Sweets have been known since ancient civilizations. Honey and dried fruit were used as sweeteners at first, and later sugar cane. In ancient India and Mesopotamia, sweets were offered in rituals to the gods. Research on the Maya indicates that chocolate was of great value to them and they used cocoa beans as a medium of exchange.

The word "dessert" itself has been used since the 14th century, and was first mentioned in written sources early in the 17th century. It comes from French and its meaning is "to clear the table". This is still the case today - the sweet finish to a meal is served after the table has been cleared of other food. The dessert group includes all kinds of culinary creations, from cakes to biscuits, candies, creams, to sweet drinks such as dessert wines and liqueurs.

The attraction to the sweet taste has been ingrained in humans since early childhood. The baby clearly distinguishes sweetened from unsweetened drinks and shows its attraction to the first type. The sweet acts as a sedative on the young. Gradually, however, as the years go by, self-control and a desire for healthy eating are established in man. Desserts should not be forbidden territory. On the contrary, if approached with understanding and moderation, they are a delight for the palate and an excellent finishing touch to any high-end menu.

Let's gift sweetness

Desserts are also an excellent gift for special occasions. They can be used as a gesture of gratitude, as a declaration of love or simply as a wish for a sweet life and joy. And if you combine them with a quality bottle of wine, the gift becomes complete and classy.

Combining desserts and wines

The topic is quite extensive, as not every pastry goes well with every dessert wine. It is generally accepted that wine should be sweeter than food. That is, you can pair light wines, such as sweet Muscat or Bordeaux, with fruit pies and pastries. If there are nuts in the recipe, port wine is a good choice. For desserts with a more intense flavour, such as chocolate brownies or various cakes, port wine, liqueur muscats, Portuguese Madeira, etc. are suitable. With chocolate you can serve riesling and black muscat.

What sweets you will find in the category?

  • Lindor pralines - the brand's products have long become a symbol of quality and refined taste. In our catalogue you will find heart-shaped gift boxes, suitable for a gift to your loved one;
  • Healthy organic cookies with dark chocolate - refute the widespread misconception that low-calorie sweets are not tasty. Organic cookies are completely vegan (no dairy ingredients or eggs), gluten-free and sweetened with coconut sugar. Their other ingredients include hazelnut tahini, oatmeal, rice syrup, and dark chocolate chunks are the finishing touch that makes the dessert irresistible;
  • Dark chocolate - again a healthy organic recipe. The high percentage of cocoa makes the chocolates a valuable antioxidant and the added orange pieces make the experience irresistible.

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