Bottega Pavesi Pear Mustard, 300 g

Brand: Bottega Pavesi
Country of origin: Italy
Packaging: 300 g

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Bottega Pavesi was created as an extension of the famous Italian restaurant Osteria F.lli Pavesi. The philosophy of the brand is concentrated in the subtle harmony between balance and simplicity, and the handmade production methods, the use of seasonal and carefully selected ingredients are of extreme importance for the quality of the products.

The key to achieving the unique taste of the pear mustard is a sense of timing. It is important that the fruit is sweet, well ripened, and this is where the the success of the product's taste lies.

The candiying process lasts 4 days. The fruit is peeled and cut by hand, then left to combine with sugar and lemon juice. Each day the mixture is stirred, and the resulting juice is the base from which the final liquid is produced by blanching. A mustard essence is added as a finishing touch, which adds a pleasant spiciness.

The pear mustard pairs perfectly with pork and mature or blue cheeses.



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