Erkesia Plum brandy, Domaine Marash 0.5

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Country of origin: Bulgaria
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Since ancient times, Val has been a natural border between the Khanate of Bulgaria and the great Roman Empire called Byzantium.

Later - in the Middle Ages, when the gloomy Ottoman slavery spread over the Bulgarian lands, the Ottomans called Erkesia "earth slit" translated from their language.

A slit that Khan Tervel made between two worlds and two cultures.

Our southern border has always been in contact with the world of the Orient and the Asian world, with cultures far different from the European one. Thanks to Val Erkesiya, the Bulgarians managed to protect their border between two worlds.

In addition to its military defense function, Erkesia is a well-regulated customs border through which trade and cultural ties with Byzantium lasted until the 14th century.

The facility is still visible from space today, connecting in a unique way the Black Sea coast with the valley of the Maritsa River.

Today it is one of the most impressive ancient fortifications in Europe on the border with the East - longer than even the famous Hadrian's Wall in Northern England.

Erkesia has been declared a cultural monument of national importance.

Now it is not a geographical border and serves no purpose. It is of interest only to historians and archaeologists.

WHY Marash chose Erkesia-Val for his Brand

Geographically, this shaft passes through the village of Nedyalsko (ancient name AFTANE) where we grow our vineyards. Our ideology is to be connected with the history and realities of the Straldzha region.

To promote and connect our products with the historical monuments and heritage of the area in which we grow and produce our products.

Under 10% the Bulgarians have heard something about Erkesia-Val, so our MISSION and GOAL will be with the BRANDY to promote Erkesia-Val through the spirit of history transformed into the spirit of a bottle of Erkesia.


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  1. chatillonrex -

    Една глътка и те пренася в средновековна България, когато ракията беше мека, а политика твърда.

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