Ferrand 10th Generation, 0.5

Brand: Cognac Ferrand
Country of origin: France
Packaging: 0.5 l

Price 59.99 BGN



The Maison Ferrand cognac house is synonymous with innovation in the region. The house, which is the 6th largest producer of cognac, is famous for its closed process - from the cultivation of grapes in Priomie Grand Cru vineyards of Gran Champagne in the area, through its own fermentation of reserve wines, distillation in its own Charente apparatus and aging in high-quality 270 liter oak barrels from Limousin in own warehouses along the Charente River. Ferran performs all operations alone, unlike other large houses, in the Chateau de Bonbonne, just 10 km from the historic center of Cognac.



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