KORU Manuka Honey MGO 1200+, 250 g

Brand: KORU
Country of origin: New Zealand
Packaging: 250 g

Price 499.99 BGN



KORU Raw Manuka Honey is a premium selection of premium and rare, authentic manuka honey in its purest form and high intensity. Harvested from the indigenous Manuka bush, far away in New Zealand's most pristine and remote locations, KORU is exceptionally fragrant and precious, and its taste is an exquisite experience. The way the bees make this so precious honey is the way we serve it to you- raw, unadulterated and unprocessed!

Manuka honey is a special honey revered around the world for its exceptional, clinically proven healing properties, but it is also considered one of the most delectable gourmet foods. KORU manuka honey has a distinctive and exquisite taste, extremely high quality, natural and 100% pure composition, packaged in New Zealand under strict government control, tested in an independent laboratory in New Zealand to ensure purity, quality and authenticity.

All KORU products are labeled according to the world's leading MGO standard, which reports the actual results and Methylglyoxal content of the honey (mg/kg). The general rule is - the higher the MGO number, the higher the Methylglyoxal concentration, therefore the greater the honey's antibacterial activity and effect on the human body.

All factors higher than MGO 400+ have pronounced antibacterial and healing properties.

KORU RAW MANUKA HONEY comes in an elegant glass jar and an additional luxury carton with factors from MGO 300+, 500+, 800+, through the rare MGO 1000+ and 1200+, to the limited edition MGO 1500+, produced in only 500 pieces.

Benefits from KORU Manuka Honey:

Strong antibacterial and antiviral action thanks to the high content of Methylglyoxal;
Relieves cough and sore throat, helps with sinusitis and runny nose;
Supports the digestive system with natural enzymes, is indispensable in gastritis and colitis, irritable stomach and heartburn, staphylococcal infections and Helicobacter pylori;
Improves general health status and immune system, gives energy;
Helps with insomnia;
Helps to restore skin from burns and wounds, applied externally.
MGO 1200+

This extremely rare honey has a strong caramel aroma and a rich mineral taste. It finishes with a silky aftertaste of ripe, gently tart fruit.

Extremely rare honey certified to contain at least 1200 mg/kg methylglyoxal. Ingredients:100% pure New Zealand manuka honey.



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