Kura The Whiskey Rum Cask Finish, 0.7

Brand: Kura
Country of origin: Japan
Packaging: 0.7 l
ABV: 40%

Price 145.99 BGN

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Kura The Whiskey is a gift from Okinawa to the world! The world's first and only Japanese whiskey aged in barrels of Japanese rum. It is produced in limited quantities.
Various malt whiskeys up to the age of 18 are used, the youngest of which is 3 years old. The blend matures for at least three years in American oak barrels. The second aging is in barrels of Japanese rum.
Color: Light gold
Aroma and taste: Peat, tropical fruits, citrus and honey, notes of vanilla and rum. Complex smoky taste of sweet caramel with hints of vanilla and tropical fruits.
Finish: Caramel and rum, seaweed, orange oil, vanilla and roasted nuts.



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