Box of 3 x 0.5 Plum, Pear and Cherry Rakia, Isperih

Brand: Isperih Distillery
Country of origin: Bulgaria

Price 49.99 BGN


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An exquisite gift box with rakia, suitable as a gift for any occasion! The set includes 3 rakias from the traditional series of distillates. A very suitable surprise from Bulgaria for any foreigner.

In the set you will find:
1 x Plum Rakia, Isperih 0.5
1 x Pear Rakia, Isperih 0.5
1 x Cherry Rakia, Isperih 0.5

Plum Rakia, Isperih 0.5
The spirit is with a typical aroma of plums and flowers. Rakiahas a soft, elegant fruity finish. The varieties used are Stanley and Chachanska lepotitsa.

Pear Rakia, Isperih 0.5
One of the most delicious and aromatic rakias of the distillery, made from different varieties of Bulgarian summer pears. The aroma and taste of the pears are skillfully extracted in the rakia. Delicate fresh notes dominate the aroma, followed by a mild and balanced intense taste of pear peel.

Cherry Rakia, Isperih 0.5
A delicate rakiamade from very well ripened aromatic and sweet cherries. In contrast to the dominant style with a stone aroma and flavour in Western Europe, our cherry черешова rakia features a subtle and delicate stoneless cherry aroma and slightly floral smell. It has an extremely mild flavour with a medium body and a distinct cherry sensation on the palate.



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