Box of 3 miniatures х 50 ml Gin Kraft 19, Blueberry and Sour Cherry Gin Liqueur, Rustic reserve SET

Country of origin: Bulgaria
Packaging: 0.05 l

Price 24.99 BGN



Try three of the unique and authentic flavors of Rustic Reserve gins. They are made from excellent quality Bulgarian fruit and are produced without artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. The 50 ml mini bottles are packaged in a beautiful box and are a wonderful gift idea.

In the set you will find:
1 х Gin Craft 19, Rustic Reserve, 50 ml

Craft 19 is a world-class gin, featuring a real fairy of aromas - fruity, floral, woody and citrus notes, including mountain juniper from the Rhodopes. Its name comes from the number of herbs used in its preparation. Craft 19 confirmed its unique qualities at the prestigious International Wine and Spirits Competition in London, where it was awarded a bronze medal. The gin can be consumed neat, with a lump of ice or mixed 50:50 with cold spring or sparkling water.

1 х Gin Liqueur Blueberry, Rustic Reserve, 50 ml

Blueberry Gin Liqueur is made from wild blueberries picked from the slopes of the Balkan Mountains at altitudes above 1500 meters. The fruit is aged in lightly sweetened gin for a period of 3 months. Its dark purple colour is captivating and its taste stands out with an exceptional softness and a feeling of velvetiness reminiscent of the taste of summer. It is an excellent match for cocktails, suitable for consumption throughout the year.

1 х Gin Liqueur Sour Cherry, Rustic Reserve, 50 ml

The cherry gin liqueur is made from specially selected varieties of cherries. In this way, the classic taste of many people's favourite liqueur is presented in an interesting and modern way that reveals balanced flavours and extremely fresh nuances. Enjoy it neat or in cocktails.



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