Nobleza del Sur Eco Day & Eco Night 2×100 ml

Brand: Noblesa del Sur
Country of origin: Spain
Packaging: 200 ml

Price 38.99 BGN



Olive oil Extra Virgin Nobleza del Sur

Eco Day and Eco Night in a luxury gift box. Specially crafted glass bottles, each 100 ml.

"Eco Day" is a fruity olive oil with grassy and fruity green notes of banana peel and apple. The taste is balanced with a noticeable green, fresh profile, slightly bitter and spicy.
Picual variety, acidity 0,2%

"Eco Night is a fruity olive oil, sweet and harmonious. Complex nuances combining green notes and aromas that leave the plants growing there.
The Picual variety (green, slightly ripe). Bitterness: 0.1%



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