Ouzo 12, 1L

Brand: Ouzo 12
Country of origin: Greece
Packaging: 1 l
ABV: 40%

Price 28.99 BGN




Ouzo 12 is distinguished by its long history, tradition in production, mild taste and unique aroma.
Each bottle reminds us of a warm and sunny Greece. Ouzo 12 is created in 1880 in the destillery of the Kaloyanis brothers and is named after barrel №12, where the rich in flavours and aromas ouzo ages. Thanks to its distinctive characteristics, Ouzo 12 is one of the most popular aniseed drinks in the world. Ouzo 12 is enjoyed most often with ice and water. Enjoy it according to the occassion, paired with salads, starters, seafood, main dishes or desserts.



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