Smirnoff 0.7 + Highball Glass

Brand: Smirnoff
Country of origin: Great Britain
Packaging: 0.7 l

Price 20.99 BGN


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Smirnoff is a brand with a rich history that enters the segment of the highest quality. It is among the most awarded vodkas and is successfully present on the market in over 130 countries. The secret to Smirnoff's clean and smooth taste lies in the production process - it is triple distilled from grain spirits and filtered ten times through seven columns of environmentally sustainable charcoal.

For the cocktail lovers the premium Vodka Smirnoff No. 21 is an excellent choice. You can enjoy its wonderful taste in the aperitif Smirnoff Espresso Martini.

You will need:

35 ml Smirnoff
25 ml Espresso
25 ml Coffee Liqueur
sugar syrup

Mix all ingredients in a shaker. Pour into a glass, garnish with ice and serve.

Another idea for a refreshing cocktail on the hot summer days:

Mix 35 ml Vodka Smirnoff, 25 ml juice and sparkling water. Pour into a glass, add ice cubes and garnish with citrus fruit slices.



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