Spartacus pasta with white truffle 190gr.

Brand: Spartacus
Country of origin: Bulgaria
Packaging: 190 g

Price 16.99 BGN




The perfect finish to every dish, perfect for the gourmet eater.

Ingredients: cultivated mushrooms (agaricus bisporum), sunflower oil, white truffle (tuber bianchetto) - 8%, cream, salt, spices, garlic, aroma.

Black truffle carpaccio is a combination of summer black truffle, olive oil and sunflower oil. A sensational aromatic creation. This well-known product guarantees success to every gourmet dish.

You can add it as a final touch or in addition when cooking. You can dose the product in your preference. One teaspoon is suitable for a few portions. Ideal for salads, pasta, meat, mashed potatoes, pizza, omletes, bruscetta and many more.



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