Vergnano Arabica 100% Bio 1 kg

Country of origin: Italy
Packaging: 1 kg

Price 73.99 BGN


Caffѐ Vergnano is one of the oldest Italian coffee roasting companies. It was founded in 1882 and has been run by 4 generations of Vergnano. Based on over 140 years of experience, Caffѐ Vergnano stands for products of excellent quality.

Vergnano Arabica 100% Bio is a high quality coffee blend produced by roasting the best varieties of Arabica from organic farming, respecting nature and the local ecosystem. The coffee is suitable for the most demanding drinkers - it seduces with its harmonious floral aromas and flavours of jasmine and juicy peach.

Roast level: MEDIUM
Intensity level: 4/10



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