Vida Estates Extra Brut, Vida Estates 0.75

Country of origin: Slovenia
Region: Goriška Brda
Place: Medana
Packaging: 0.75 l
Vintage: 2016
ABV: 12.50%

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Сорт: Шардоне, Рибола Джала
Color: Light yellow golden color with delicate mousse.
Aroma: On the nose very complex and intense, characterized by fine ripe yeast notes, after brioche, finely spiced, juicy yellow fruit, some peach, and citrus.
Taste: On the palate complex and powerful, juicy fruit, plus the fresh structure, a seductive minimal extract sweetness in the aftertaste and fine stone fruit nuances in the finish.
Serving temperature: 9-10°C

Food pairing

Seafood, fish, soft cheese...

Препоръчвамe Ви да се насладите на това пенливо вино в съчетание с морски дарове, риба, суши, гъши дроб и меки сирена.



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