Wine journal - an accessory for every wine lover

Brand: Winetours
Country of origin: Bulgaria

Price 15.99 BGN




Are you a wine lover?

The wine journal in your tasting notebook to easily and quickly take notes during wine events and tours.

You can fill in 80 wines and thus keep quality notes and impressions of what you've tried and easily remember which wine you liked and which you didn't.

Each page of the journal details the color, aroma and flavor of the wine, as well as information about the producer.

And what's more, this journal will help you express yourself better when talking about wine, easily systematize your sensations, and more clearly express your wine preferences when in a store or restaurant.

The wine journal also contains wine maps of the regions in Bulgaria to help the wine lovers on the road. Only wineries open for tastings and visits are included.

You'll also find a wine glossary of aromas to take your cues from during a tasting.



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