Weißburgunder Südsteiermark DAC 2020, Erwin Sabathi 0.75

Country of origin: Austria
Region: Styria
Packaging: 0.75 l
Vintage: 2020

Price 26.99 BGN



Variety: Weißburgunder / Pinot Blanc
Color: Pale yellow
Aroma and taste: Aromas of fresh pears and dried apples, orange peel, spices and almond blossom. On the palate fresh acidity and subtle spices
Ageing: The best time for consumption is somewhere in the next three years, when the wine shows its fruitful qualities, supported by living acidity
Serving temperature: 8-10 °C

Additional notes

Soil: Most of the vineyards are located on hills of old sedimentary rocks formed millions of years ago by marine sediments. The soil diversity is complemented by limestone, clay, sand and shale. The characteristic marl soils are known in Styria as "Opok".
The best time for consumption is up to 5 years from bottling.
SüdsteiermarkDAC Pinot Blanc stands for very fresh and fruity wine. The grapes for this wine grow in many small vineyards in southern Styria.
Climate: A warm and humid Mediterranean climate that causes a long vegetation process. Cool nights indicate an influence on the creation of unique aromas.
Vinification: Hand-picked, spontaneously fermented with natural yeast.
Maturation: in a stainless steel container

Food pairing

White meat, Viennese schnitzel, breaded chicken, river fish ..

We recommend you to enjoy this delicate wine, in combination with white meat, Viennese schnitzel, breaded chicken, river fish, as well as for almost any type of dish.



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