Welschriesling Südsteiermark DAC 2019, Tement 0.75

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Country of origin: Austria
Region: Styria
Packaging: 0.75 l
Vintage: 2019

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Variety: Welsh Riesling
Color: Pale yellow-green color
Aroma: Aromas of green apples, citrus fruits and fresh spices.
Taste: Delicate on the palate, with nuances of hay and green fruits. Balanced with pronounced acidity.
Agеing: We strongly recommend you to enjoy this wine in its youth, when it will give you the most pleasure.
Serving temperature: 8-10 °C

Additional notes

Origin and terroir: The wine falls into one of the main categories of wines of protected origin from South Styria. Wines in this category are dry and may be produced from one or more of the approved white varieties specific to the region. Harvesting is usually by hand, and processing in wineries - careful and gentle. After a short aging in neutral containers, Welsh Riesling wines are bottled and consumed young.
Best time to drink - up to three years after bottling.

Food pairing

Cold appetizers, salads, antipasti ...

We recommend you to enjoy this delicate wine. This Welsh Riesling is extremely suitable in combination with cold appetizers, salads, antipasti.


1 review for Welschriesling Südsteiermark DAC 2019, Tement 0.75

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    Чудесна комбинация от аромат и вкус!

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