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Perfection and elegance from Champagne: Discover the story of Taisne Riocour

If you love champagne just as much as we do, then this article is exactly for you. In it, we bring you the history and specifics of one of our personal favourites - Taisne Riocour Champagne.

Like all Champagnes, Taisne Riocour is also produced in the Champagne region of France. This elegant sparkling wine is created using the méthode traditionelle method, also called méthode champenoise. The bubbles in the wine are formed using a traditional method involving several specific stages.

In méthode champenoise, secondary fermentation takes place in the bottle and produces carbon dioxide, which forms the wine's subtle and elegant bubbles. The wine is then left to age on the lees in the bottle for a minimum of 18 months. Before it is bottled and the champagne is put on the market, the winemaker removes the lees and carries out what is known as dosage - the addition of a minimum amount of must (wine + sugar).

The complex production process makes the sparkling wines of the Champagne region premium products. Taisne Riocour is an excellent Champagne that impresses with a great price-quality ratio.

The inspiring story of Taisne Riocour

Taisne Riocour Champagne first and foremost pays tribute to the owners' parents, Angelito de Taisne and Claude de Riocour. They managed to breathe new life into the family winery, which was established in 1837.

Taisne Riocour is a champagne that conveys the idea of the French way of life, its elegance and its characteristic nuances. The château embodies the centuries-old history and talent of modern gardeners. The winery's vineyards are spread over 20 hectares, mainly in Les Riceys, Côte des Bar-the largest appellation with a controlled designation of origin in Champagne. The vineyards are spread over 18 parcels and are on average 30 years old, with the Pinot Noir variety occupying the largest area. A team of excellent specialists takes care of every stage of the production of the wines, from harvest to vinification. In 2016, the vineyards were awarded the High Environmental Value certificate, which is proof of respect for biodiversity and the environment. Pre-sowing treatments for plant protection are carried out with appropriate means without the use of insecticides and herbicide. Whenever possible, synthetic chemical products shall be replaced by certified organic products and natural substances of mineral origin. The winery carefully tests biodynamic practices and seeks new and modern alternatives, such as the use of green manure.

The logo of the winery is the coat of arms of the Taisne and Riocour families - a tree with three crescents and a star. These symbols characterise the relationship between heaven and earth. The winery's wines are distinguished by their elegance, boldness and vitality, and every sip of them brings unique pleasure.

In VIDA.BG you will find some of the most impressive sparkling wines of Taisne Riocour.

Taisne Riocour Blanc de Noirs Champagne

Blanc de Noirs is an exceptionally elegant and vibrant Champagne representing the diverse terroir of the Riceys. It is made from Pinot Noir from 3 different parcels - the grapes from the Tronchois parcel give the wine strength and elegance, while those from the Val Germain and Pragnon vineyards give it depth of flavour. The wine stands out with fresh floral aromas accompanied by minty nuances.

Taisne Riocour Grande Réserve Champagne

This unique champagne is a blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. The Pinot Noir gives the wine strength and elegance, while the Chardonnay gives it boldness and freshness. On the palate, you will experience notes of ripe white fruits and dried fruits, as well as complex nuances of butter and brioche.

Taisne Riocour Rosé de Saigné Champagne

Specially selected Pinot Noir grapes from the Tronchois parcel are used to create this magnificent champagne. Unparalleled freshness and vibrancy underpin the 2018 vintage. Enjoy delicate notes of pink flowers, wild red berries, blackcurrants and cherries on the palate.

Taisne Riocour Milléssimе 2014 Champagne

The 2014 Milléssime Champagne is made from grapes from vineyards in Ricey that are certified for "High Environmental Value". The 2014 vintage is exceptional in terms of quality and climatic conditions, thanks to which the grapes develop in a perfect way. The champagne tempts with its beautiful straw yellow colour and fresh citrus aromas. On the palate, it is extremely juicy with nuances of nuts, pastry and toast, and a perfect balance between mineral and salty notes. It has good ageing potential.

The history of this famous champagne is more than impressive, and its elegant style will leave an unforgettable memory in your mind. Make sure of it and enjoy the unique sparkling delights of Taisne Riocour.

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