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We are wine producers

The concept of VIDA Wine and Spirits Boutique се заражда преди повече от 8 години. Компанията произвежда собствен бранд бутикови бели и червени вина в малки серии. Името на бранда е вдъхновено от средновековната крепост Баба Вида на брега на река Дунав. Нашите вина съчетават в себе си духа и традициите на видинския регион с най-новите технологии и модерни тенденции във винарството. Всяка бутилка вино е създадена с много любов и внимание към детайлите, а гроздето е специално селектирано от собствените ни насаждения, които са разположени върху площ от 60 дка в близост до видинското село Градец. Районът е уникален със своя климат, тероар и култура и всички тези специфични особености придават на нашите вина техния характерен вкус и аромат.

But in addition to producers, we are also connoisseurs

In our online store you will find not only our own brand, but also a carefully selected selection of high quality Bulgarian wines. Our portfolio includes over 600 labels collected from more than 60 wineries from all regions of the country. We do not compromise on quality and we are confident that the collection of wine and boutique bottles will satisfy even the most sophisticated tastes.
Fans of foreign producers can see the section "Imported wines", in which we combine the timeless classics and traditions of the Old Wine World with the innovation and avant-garde ideas of the New World. Enjoy the masterpieces of some of the most awarded wineries in Austria, France, Italy, Spain, Slovenia, Румъния, Унгария, Greece, Молдова. New Zealand, USA and many other countries around the world.
Among them, our selection of Austrian labels deserves special attention. We have presented typical for the country of Central Europe varieties, turned into excellent wines from some of the most respected wineries there. Their work is skillfully presented to us by Austria - from Carnunt to Styria, through Lower Austria and Burgenland, with just one sip of each of these magnificent wines you can feel the specifics of the classic wine region from which it originates.

And as connoisseurs, we know that drinking wine is an experience

To make it complete, visit our categories "Gourmet"And"Accessories“, Where you will find a variety of canned food, fish, pasta, coffee, tea, as well as luxury glasses for wine and alcohol, corkscrews and decanters.

For the people behind the VIDA Wine and Spirits Boutique brand

VIDA Wine and Spirits brings together a cohesive team of experts who share a common vision and passion for wine. Our mission is to offer you, our customers, the best possible wine experience. For your maximum satisfaction, we have selected a wide variety of high-end collector wines from excellent vintages with premium quality and awards from some of the world's most respected exhibitions and wine forums.

We believe that behind every drop of wine lies a unique story and we want to tell it to you.

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Nikolai Cholakov

Nikolai Cholakov

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