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Summer, sun and sea - could it be better? And what about a refreshing gin and tonic, which is an indispensable combination on hot summer days and during stormy nights to the rhythms of disco music? Wouldn't the degree of fun be even higher if you complement the magic of the evening with a captivating cocktail that will set the partygoer in you free…
Many people like light and refreshing alcoholic beverages, such as gin. It is the perfect drink to enjoy in the cool summer moments and the perfect start to those special evenings with friends. Today, many types of this alcohol can be found, which are the embodiment of innovations in production and old traditions that give a fundamental finish.

Why drink gin

You do not have to drink regularly, but it is good to try it at least once. Many people do not betray their taste preferences and do not dare to add a little variety to their culture of drinking alcoholic beverages. Gin can easily be defined as a classic drink, but it must be drunk properly. Also, it is good to mention its benefits for us, as its consumers, which are not insignificant:
● The alcoholic beverage contains ingredients of natural origin - juniper, sage, rosemary, cinnamon and coriander;
● Juniper and its fruits are very useful for human health - increase immunity and help treat cough;
● The drink also has antioxidant properties, which has a good effect on our appearance;
● The drink improves the work of the gastrointestinal system because it contains bitter herbs. Thanks to them, the production of digestive enzymes is accelerated;
● Contains few calories, which is great news for ladies who want to maintain a slim figure;
● It doesn't cost much, which makes gin available to most of us.
And did you know that alcohol is a favorite of many celebrities? Frank Sinatra is among the many fans of the exquisite drink, which means that it could become a favorite of yours.

What it can be mixed with

Gin can be consumed in a "pure" state, but can also be mixed with various types of soft drinks. Thus, its taste is manifested in a very interesting and captivating way, and the result becomes even more perfect. Which combination is best to bet on? Here are some good suggestions for drinks that go well with the drink:
● Tonic;
● Fresh citrus fruits;
● Cranberries;
● Grape juice;
● Pineapple and others.
You have unlimited freedom to make a unique cocktail that will captivate you with its taste and aroma. You can do this not only when it is 30 degrees outside, but also at any other time of the year when you feel the need for a little more good mood in your own privacy. For fun meetings with friends, for pleasant moments with a loved one and for festive occasions such as celebrating birthdays and name days - a bottle of gin Gordons is always "welcome" on the Bulgarian table!

Which brands are most in demand

Choosing a store from which to buy a bottle of gin is also a very important condition to get the most out of the use of this type of drink. Bet on and order online at reasonable prices. Famous brands such as Bombay, Bifiter and Gordons are waiting for you here, which many people have already chosen. Bulgarian or imported liqueur, pink or classic - whatever kind you choose, the quality will be the highest, and the consumption of the drink will be a real feast for the senses.

What we will find in Vida

In addition to suggestions for gin, in the Vida store you will find a whole world of alcoholic and soft drinks that are worth trying. Wine, vodka, cognac, brandy, rum and boutique drinks with zero alcohol content - make your choice today and order at reasonable prices.