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Have you tried snow wine? See what this aromatic drink is, how it is consumed and whether you can find it in Bulgaria!
What is snow wine

The technology

Its name Icewine literally translates as "ice" wine. But we are not talking about a drink that is served at a very low temperature. It owes its name to the specific production technology.
The time of picking the grapes is very important for the snow drink. It is waited until the last possible moment and the harvest is collected only in December. At this time, the bunches are often covered with snow, which is the reason for choosing the name.
This method is especially popular in countries with colder climates. And this is logical, because the lower temperatures in the fall slow down the ripening, so waiting until the last moment is quite justified.
After long months of ripening the grapes reach the maximum level of sugar. At the same time, the water from it has evaporated and it has almost become raisin. The dried grapes are picked with great care, squeezed from the juice and a sweet wine is obtained.

The snow wine list

It is believed that the most popular version of this drink originated in Canada, where in the 70s of the last century a German emigrant decided that he could not throw away the overripe and frozen grapes, but make wine from it. The result pleasantly surprises him because he has excellent taste. Today, the snow drink is traditional for Canada and is dedicated to a special wine exhibition (Niagara Icewine Festival), which lasts 10 days.
Apart from this region, the leading exporters are also Germany and Austria, and the drink is also produced in Croatia, USA, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Romania, Slovenia and others.
In Germany, the technology has also been known for a long time, where the Riesling variety is mainly used for this type of alcoholic beverage. For the production method it is also important to infect the bunches with the so-called "Noble mold", which helps the liquid to evaporate from the grain and achieve a higher concentration of sugar.

Ice wine in Bulgaria

The snow drink is also produced in Bulgaria. Although the climate here is milder than in Canada or Germany, in December the first snow fell in Bulgaria. It is then that the vines are harvested. Few manufacturers are embarking on this adventure, but the results are top quality.

What food does it suit?

Due to its high sugar content, the snow drink belongs to the category of desserts. The drink goes well with cheesecakes, fruit salads, biscuit desserts and more. It can also be consumed as an aperitif. The recommended temperature for consumption is 10-12 degrees of white snow wine and 12-14 degrees of red.
What types you will find in the section
● Bulgarian;
● the renowned wineries Villa Vinifera and Santa Sara;
● from the Riesling and Mavrud varieties;
● produced from grapes from different regions of Bulgaria (Thracian lowland, Struma valley).

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