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The Bulgarian table would not be the same if brandy did not exist. Alcohol is an elixir for many, and the health benefits of regular consumption are numerous. The drink is part of our being and is suitable for use on happy and sad occasions. With it we "water" happy moments, but also "suppress" our grief when we need to give precedence to our emotions.
The drink is consumed with almost all types of dishes, but is traditionally drunk with a salad preceding a traditional dish. It is honey for the soul, a feast for the senses and a cure for colds. It is even used to warm the body, which makes it the first choice for many.

Do Bulgarians drink brandy

This is a question that we do not even have to answer, because it is much clearer that the word "cheers" is most often accompanied by brandy in hand. Plum, nutmeg, grape and wine - there are so many varieties of this drink that we can literally get lost during its selection. And when thirst knocks on our door, the decision becomes even more difficult…
Bulgarians drink brandy, and regularly. Some make it themselves, while others do not have time for it and prefer to buy it from a trusted store like Thus, the quality will be guaranteed high, and the experience while drinking will be indescribable. Winter pickles are a great addition to the drink, as it is successfully combined with some types of appetizers, such as homemade sausages, yellow cheese, cheese, summer salads and almost everything you can think of.

What is it useful for

There is no doubt that brandy is extremely useful for our health. There is even a claim that if we consume 50 grams a day, viral and bacterial infections will stay away from us, and we will not need any medication to perform quality and timely prevention. This type of alcoholic beverage helps to:
● Controlling bad cholesterol;
● Regulation of blood pressure;
● Protection against colds;
● Relieving pain in gastrointestinal problems;
● Healing of sore throat;
● Improving mood;
● Reducing stress levels, etc.
The moderate use of the favorite brandy for many Bulgarians is a real cure for a number of ailments. Drink the drink several times a week and you will enjoy better general health.

How many calories does it contain?

100 grams of good aged brandy contains about 230 calories, which means that alcohol is a caloric pleasure, but what… Once you live, and if we do not give ourselves pleasure, then who will do it? Instead of counting calories, it is better to just enjoy the irresistible taste of the drink, as well as to combine it properly with your food menu. Do not be surprised if your appetite increases after you start using this type of alcohol regularly. This is normal, but it's good to be in control from the beginning.

With what foods it is combined

Brandy is "understood" perfectly with hot peppers, salads, meat appetizers, cheeses, seafood, pickles and other types of appetizers, without which the Bulgarian does not sit around the table. The drink is suitable for use before the time for the main meal, which is many times tastier when it was preceded by this type of alcohol, which for many people is a whole mantra.

What types we will find in the online store Vida

In addition to low prices, in the Vida store you will also come across offers for branded brandy, which will catch your attention in a second:
● Erkesia;
● Burgas 63;
● Pliska;
● The fisherman;
● Aristocrat and others.
For many Bulgarians it is unthinkable to sit around the table without their favorite drink to unload from a busy and tiring day. And they don't have to. Celebrate the holidays with a good mood and readiness for unforgettable moments with loved ones. Vida store is waiting for your choice.