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When is it appropriate to drink sparkling wine? How to choose the right variety? What is the difference between natural and sparkling-carbonated? What does "champagne" mean? Learn more about this classy drink and see what varieties you can find on!

What is the production technology

Sparkling wines fall into the category of sparkling wines. They also include the so-called sparkling drinks. The difference between the two types is the percentage of alcohol they contain, as well as the concentration of carbon dioxide. To accept a drink for part of this group, the pressure in the closed bottle must be at least 3 bar.
It is due to air bubbles and foam, which are formed when opening the bottle and pouring it into a glass. The sparkling ones must have at least three atmospheres when the bottle is closed, while for the sparkling ones they can be between one and two and a half.

What are the types of sparkling wines

According to the sugar content
They are divided into several types according to their sugar content: Brut nature, extra Brut, Brut, extra dry, dry, semi-dry and sweet. The sugar content is ascending in the order listed.
Naturally sparkling
The carbon in them comes as a result of the primary or secondary fermentation of the grapes from some regions.
In this type, carbon dioxide is added additionally. It can be partially or fully equipped. In both methods, the goal is to reach said pressure of three bar.
More varieties
Sucrose as well as natural fruit supplements can be used to achieve a variety of flavors and aromas of the drinks.

Why it is known as champagne

The name "champagne", which is often used as a designation for this type of drink, comes from the Champagne region of France. Sparkling wine was produced there from the monastery vineyards since the Middle Ages. It was used for communion, as well as for the coronations of rulers. However, we can only call "champagne" wines produced in the countryside according to the relevant standards. The right to use the name champagne, or in the original "Champagne" as a company name, was protected as early as 1891.

What you will find in the section

● Drinks from France. We offer original French champagne from the Champagne region, including the famous wineries Moet and Dom Perignon;
● From Italy. The state of Botusha also has its old traditions and time-proven winemaking technologies. Italian are the famous Prosecco and Fragolino, who are also part of this category and are often mistaken for "champagne";
● From Spain, Austria, Bulgaria. If you like drinks from specific regions in these countries, you can enter your search preference. Thus you have the opportunity to choose Bulgarian, Spanish or Austrian wines that have the specific climatic, geographical and cultural characteristics of their areas;
● Harvests since 2000;
● Bottles from 0.25 l to 6 l;
● Gift offers - sparkling wine or champagne in a luxury box or in a luxury box plus glasses;
● Different types: white, pink.

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