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Tennessee may be a state traditionally associated with bourbon, but it also produces world-famous whiskey. What makes it different and what varieties are there? Take a look!

What makes Tennessee whisky different?

The oldest distillery in the USA

The technology of whisky production was carried over from the first settlers in North America, who were largely from Scotland and Ireland. But whereas in Scotland and Ireland barley, rye and wheat were used for this purpose, in the New World, and specifically in the states of Kentucky and Tennessee, corn predominates. It also proved extremely suitable for making the spirit, and the whiskey created from it came to be called Bourbon (after Bourbon County in Kentucky).

The work is being steadily regulated. To be accepted as bourbon, a drink must meet several conditions, including: it must have been produced in the United States, the raw materials used to make it must contain at least 51% corn, it must have been aged in new smoked barrels, and it must have an alcohol content of at least 40% when bottled.

And while bourbon is considered one of America's treasures, there is one company whose products meet all the requirements to be called that, but whose owners insist on calling their bottled liquid of corn, malt and rye "Tennessee whiskey." It was the first officially registered American distillery (registration dates from 1866), and today bears the name of its founder, Jack Daniel's.

The crabby bottle

Among the curious facts about the creator of the so-called Tennessee whiskey is that he long resisted the encroachment of glass bottles on the market, but eventually, when he agreed to take advantage of the trend and replace ceramic bottles with them, he asked a local glassmaker to make him a specific shape. He didn't like any of the round and round bottles he was shown, and opted for the fourth one, which is still preserved today because, in his words, it was "the crabby bottle for a crabby person like me".

Why not bourbon?

Along with the bottle, however, there are small details in the technology of making the spirit that set it apart from other bourbons in the region. Most significant among them is that once it's distilled and ready to be left to age in the barrels, Tennessee whiskey goes through one additional step - filtration through sweet maple charcoal. This further mellows its flavour.

In the beginning, the filtration process was typical of all distilleries in the region, but for financial reasons the others abandoned it until Jack Daniels had the foresight to see that the investment was worth it. These days, the Tennessee company is investing about $1 million to filter the spirit and get its world-famous mild taste.

What types you will find in the section

  • Jack Daniel's Old N7. There are several legends about where the name of the classic Tennessee spirit comes from. According to one of them, 6 whiskey formulas were tried before Jack Daniels reached the ultimate 7. According to another, it's because it was his lucky number, and according to a third, it's because of the number of girlfriends he had;
  • Jack Daniel's Single Barrel. Drinks bottled only from the liquid aged in a single barrel were rare and released in limited editions;
  • Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey. The excellent taste of the spirit is further softened by the combination with Tennessee honey liqueur;
  • Gentleman Jack. Another premium offering. Gentleman Jack is the only double-filtration whisky with maple charcoal. The first time the liquid passes through the coals before aging, the second - after that;
  • Family Pack. Gift box with the best of the brand.

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