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What is a decanter and do we need one? If you consider yourself a connoisseur of the divine drink - yes. Find out more about its features and benefits!

What is a decanter?

This is a glass vessel created for pouring red wine into. Presumably its name comes from a French verb with a similar sound, meaning "to overflow". Its capacity is at least as large as a standard bottle. But why decant the drink into it instead of serving it directly into the bottle? There are several reasons.

Why do we need one?

Historically, the decanter was created in antiquity for the purpose of serving wines decanted from the bottles. Today, however, even though drinks have long come down to us in bottles rather than bottles, the decanter is still in use. Here's why.


The decanter was created for red wine, a drink that generally forms a sediment. When decanting, however, the sediment remains in the original container, while only the clear, pure liquid with a perfect ruby colour is decanted into the serving container. This process is called decanting.


The second reason for the need of such an accessory on the table is that when poured into it, the wine tastes better. Drink connoisseurs know that both the drinking glass and the serving vessel matter for the full experience of all the aromatic notes. And a vessel with a thin neck and wide body increases the surface area on which the wine spills and improves its ability to interact with the air. This achieves so-called 'aeration' - the drink 'breathes' and releases more aromatic substances. The effect is particularly noticeable in varieties rich in tannins (Bordeaux, Cabernet Sauvignon, etc.). However, decanting is not usually applied to more delicate wines (such as Chianti and Pinot Noir).


And the third, far from unimportant reason to get a decanter is its beautiful appearance. The graceful oval shapes, thin neck and rounded bottom add an incredible aesthetic and grace to any table. They demonstrate taste and attention to detail. Impress guests with aesthetic flair.

More applications

According to some oenologists, the decanter could also be used for spirits such as whisky, bourbon, cognac or rum. This is because decanters are very similar in appearance to decanters and the two vessels are often interchangeable.

What decanters will you find in the category?

  • Luxury glass decanters. In our catalogue you will find models with a capacity of 1000 ml or 1500 ml, with a flat opening or with an opening at an angle;
  • Wine buckets. You can choose a quality glass wine bucket with a simple clean design, suitable for the modern contemporary table. You could also opt for models with subtle embossed decorations that fit perfectly with classic interiors and traditional elegant looks;
  • Water glasses. When it's important to you that every element of the table setting has its own meaning and fits perfectly into the overall harmony, you will pay special attention to each vessel. That's why we offer stylish water glasses in our catalogue, with a beautiful yet simple design that will perfectly complement the overall picture. They match perfectly with the pretty decanters and practical wine buckets.

Why choose

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