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Brand: Monkey Shoulder
Country of origin: Scotland
Region: Speyside
Packaging: 0.7 l
ABV: 40%
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It's evening. The working day is long behind us, and the time to think about our complete relaxation has already come. This time we want it to be different, to immerse ourselves completely in moments of solitude, without thinking about the consequences. And what could be a more pleasant experience than to sit comfortably on the soft sofa in the living room or on the armchair in front of the fireplace with a glass of branded whiskey in hand? This drink is part of the creation of the culture associated with alcohol consumption in general, and to this day it retains its first position in the rankings for preferred alcoholic beverages.

What is whiskey made of?

It is made from barley grains, which are pre-soaked for about 72 hours. During this time, they germinate, and heat dissipation during this process should be no more than 16 degrees. Due to the chemical processes, the starch is transformed into sugars, and then the sugars are placed over a fire with peat, which actually makes the taste of so-called malt whiskey so dense. In order for the drink to be really good, it needs to mature for at least three years, and the longer this period, the better the final product will be.

Which is the best

Japanese, Irish, Scottish and Indian - quality whiskey is known from afar. online store presents to your attention different types of alcoholic beverages of this type, which are the work of leading manufacturers in the field - Macalan, Bushmills, Grants, Jamieson and many other famous brands. Low prices are also a fact that should not be overlooked. Use the Christmas and New Year holidays to make a loved one or friend happy with a nice whiskey - for those little big special moments when we want to be just ourselves…

In what cup is it offered

Drinking whiskey is a whole philosophy. And only those who regularly consume the drink are fully aware of this fact. Before we reach for the bottle, we need to make sure we know what we are doing. At first glance, just an alcoholic beverage, but in fact something much, much more! And how to drink and are there any requirements for the glass in which it is served? A very important question, the answer of which you will find in seconds.
The whiskey is served in a glass with a wide opening and a thick bottom (tumbler), which also allows mixing the drink with soft drinks. Practical, right? Other important "rules" related to the use of this type of alcohol are:
● Water is a very good "companion" to the drink. With it the taste does not change, and the pleasure is guaranteed;
● The drink is consumed at a temperature of up to 20 degrees. The lower degrees do not allow the maximum development of taste and aromas;
● Chocolate and almonds are a classic addition to the fragrant drink. They will make us part of a unique experience;
● The brand is important - when it comes to alcohol consumption, quality is paramount. Do not be satisfied with mediocre offers, and if you are in a restaurant, make sure that you are offered alcoholic beverages of good origin.
Scotch, whiskey and bourbon - all three drinks are associated with the business world and men dressed in suits. Having lit a cigar and sipping a sip of fine alcohol, businessmen have proven their "weight" in the world of corporations precisely by using this type of drink. A leather sofa filled with a smoke room and unraveling another financial mystery or political intrigue - become part of this plot. At least for a moment.

Which foods do it go best with?

Good food is a mandatory part of the use of any type of alcohol. With its help, the aromatic and taste qualities of the drink manifest with their whole being, and we have nothing left but to stay forever in this moment. When it's time to drink whiskey, you can add to the ritual bacon, caviar, nuts, blue cheese, salmon and more. All exquisite delicacies that perfectly match the refined taste of whiskey.