Glenfiddich 12 YO, 0.7

Brand: Glenfiddich
Country of origin: Scotland
Region: Speyside
Packaging: 0.7 l
ABV: 40%
Express delivery up to 2 hours: Boyana, Buxton, Gotse Delchev, Dragalevtsi, Za Boyana, Manastirski Livadi, Pavlovo and Borovo, Simeonovo

Price 76.99 BGN



Casting in the Deer Valley, Glenfiddich has been our family's trademark for 18 years since 1887. In addition, this amazing whiskey is the most awarded single malt in the world.
Glenfiddich 12 has a unique freshness coming from the water that has been used since 1887 and a distinctive fruity taste that is given by the special shape of the pots that William Grant has always held.
With a soft and long-lasting finish, Glenfiddich 12 is the perfect illustration of the typical style of PraVéneto whiskey in Spaceside. This whiskey is widely recognized as the best drink in the valley.

Color - Golden.

Aroma - Distinctively fresh and fruity, with a hint of pear. Sophisticatedly created and delicately balanced.

Taste - Has a characteristic sweetness and fruity notes. It develops in elements of elbow, malt and subtle oak.

Finish - Long, smooth and sweet.






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