Glencairn cups 2 pcs. In a box

Brand: Glencairn
Country of origin: Scotland

Price 21.99 BGN


A set of two glasses Glencairn for degustation in cardboard box

Original whiskey glasses Glencairn - made with a lot of effort, in order to maximize the pleasure from consuming it.
At the heart of its design is the traditional whiskey tasting glass used by blenders around the world.
The upright neck allows for easier drinking compared to a traditional whiskey tasting glass, while also preserving the aromas of the nose. The wide and rounded part of the body favors the correct assessment of the color of the whiskey, and the solid base is designed to be comfortable in the hand.
Today, the Glencairn glass can be seen in every distillery in Scotland, Ireland, Wales, as well as in many places in the United States. She has won numerous worldwide awards, including the Queen's Award, the most prestigious business award in the United Kingdom.

Supplied in a cardboard gift box.



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