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How do you like your morning drink? With milk, with cream, with a cookie, with fudge... Every coffee lover has his favorite flavor ritual. For it to be complete, there is one must-have: quality coffee.

Why coffee capsules?

The coffee capsules are gaining popularity for their practicality. They are available in convenient home and office packs, so you always have the right dose at hand. Another important advantage of capsules is that, unlike vacuum packs where air can access the ground mixture after opening and this can lead to some loss of flavour, with capsule packs this risk is eliminated. Coffee in capsules retains its taste and aroma qualities as long as possible until the moment of use.

What types of coffee you will find in the category

  • Julius Meinl. The Austrian company, with its more than 150 years of history, is one of the major European brands on the market. To achieve the perfect symphony of flavours and full-bodied rich taste, the company selects the best varieties from around the world. Ground coffee from Ethiopia, Brazil, Central America awaits you in the capsules;
  • The Italian company, founded in 1895 by Luigi Lavazza in Turin, is still one of the leading producers of the aromatic drink. It was Luigi who first introduced the revolutionary technology of blending different varieties to achieve a better aroma and richer taste. Today, the company processes coffee beans from a number of countries: Colombia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Uganda, Indonesia, Vietnam and many others. Lavazza's beverages are among the most sought after on the Bulgarian market. Intenso, Delicato, Cafè Crema, Dolce and others;
  • Illy comes from Italy, and the company is among the largest investors in conducting research and bringing innovation to the industry. It was the owners of Illy who founded the University of Coffee in Naples in 1999;
  • As part of the Swiss food giant Nestle Group, Nespresso follows strict quality standards and offers premium beverages in capsules made from different varieties;
  • O'CCaffe. The Italian brand offers capsules with the classic Arabica as well as combinations of varieties and regions, whose aromas have oriental notes, but also a scent of chocolate and liqueur.

What are the health benefits of the coffee?

Even centuries ago in the Arab world, the influence of coffee on the vigor and energy of man was noticed. That is why in ancient times coffee brew was given as a priority to people suffering from fatigue and tiredness.

Nowadays, our knowledge of coffee is much more thorough and scientifically sound. Caffeine in moderation has been shown to stimulate brain activity, improve concentration and shorten reaction times to specific tasks. It is also a source of antioxidants, which are important in the fight against free radicals formed during cell metabolism and increased by exposure to polluted air and stress. The drink has a protective function against diseases such as prostate cancer, colon cancer, liver cancer, type 2 diabetes, Parkinson's disease, etc. The dopamine it contains is responsible for improving mood and relieving pain after muscle strain.

Why order from

When it comes to your favourite drinks, is always the right choice. The quality selection of brands and products in our capsule coffee section guarantees you a choice between world-class products and affordable prices. You can choose among filter packs with different number of doses: 10, 15, 46, 50, 96, 100. Depending on whether you are buying for home or office, you can always find the right product. From the characteristics of each item you can see if it is compatible with your machine. Delight yourself with the little rituals of everyday life to get you in the mood for the big day.