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Country of origin: Bulgaria
Region: Thracian valley
Place: The village of Gorno Botevo
Packaging: 0.75 l
Vintage: 2016
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Choosing a good wine is an art. Are you a connoisseur of quality drinks? We from - too. This is the reason why we create our own brand of boutique wines, as well as to select for you a rich catalog of the best Bulgarian and foreign offers. Look at them!

What wines will you find in the section

  • Повече от 100 реномирани винарни от Стария и Новия винен свят;
  • Над 1000 етикета вино, внимателно подбрани от нашите винени експерти и сомелиери;
  • Над 3450 червени вина. Най-богатата ни категория. Реколтите са от 2004 до 2021 година;
  • Повече от 380 етикета бяло вино. Имате ли любим сорт? Мускат, Шардоне, Совиньон Блан… Може да избирате сред вкусове от България, Франция, Италия, Испания, Австрия и много други държави;
  • Над 150 вида пенливи напитки;
  • Fruit variants. Tempting raspberry in combination with Mavrud, Merlot or Chardonnay offer various Bulgarian wineries, whose bottles you can find in our online store. The offer of chokeberry is also interesting;
  • Повече от 120 вида розе. Леката напитка от червени сортове грозде се произвежда от почти всички наши партньори, така че изборът Ви ще бъде доста труден;
  • Orange species. The varieties for its production are white, but the pigment obtained from the skin of the grapes gives them a specific color, texture and aroma;
  • Desserts;
  • Snow wines. Have you tried this variety of the divine drink? The production technology comes from Canada, but the results are excellent in our country as well.
  • Редки вина, които са отлично допълнение към вашата винена колекция.

What to know when choosing wine

Table species

They are produced from different varieties of vines and can have an alcohol content of at least 7.5%. It is possible to represent a blend of varieties that are from different geographical areas.

Quality from a specific area

In these species, which are associated with a precise wine-growing region or massif, the taste qualities are determined by the specifics of the geographical and climatic environment, and the local traditions in wine production are also important. For this type of drink, the geographical area is used as a hallmark of quality, but it is important to comply with the requirements to guarantee the origin. They are defined in a normative regulation.


In quiet species, the carbon dioxide content is lower. This is the reason why bubbles and foam do not form in them. Depending on the sugar content and the concentration of titratable acids, they are divided into dry, semi-dry, sweet and semi-sweet.


Sparkling and sparkling species are produced in the noisy after the primary and secondary fermentation of alcohol (in the natural ones) or after the addition of carbon dioxide. They are divided into gross, extra gross and natural, as well as sweet, dry and semi-dry.

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VIDA Wine and Spirits Boutique is a Bulgarian company that lovingly creates its series of wines, inspired by the spirit and traditions of the Vidin region. The name of the winery cannot be confused. It comes from the symbol of the area - the medieval fortress Baba Vida.

We use grapes from our own plantations in the area. Each bottle produced by our cellar carries the aroma and taste on which the climate, soils and varieties typical for our region have left their mark.

However, the production of beverages is not our only ambition. With the online store we strive to satisfy all the demands of connoisseurs of high quality drinks. That is why with us you will find not only the bottles produced in our cellar, but also a rich collection of wine and boutique flavors from wineries throughout Bulgaria and around the world.

In order for the wine experience to be complete, in a separate category we offer a variety of accessories and gourmets suitable for different drinks.

The prices are completely affordable, and every week you can take advantage of promotional offers for different bottles.