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When we talk about wine, the first association is invariably grapes. But if you have even tried the fruity variety of the drink once, you will surely appreciate its excellent taste. What are its specifics?

Which wine is fruity

Literally speaking, grapes are also a fruit, but when the term 'fruit' is used, it refers to wine obtained from the fermentation of fruits other than grapes. This drink is made less frequently because other fruits are usually not as high in sugar as grapes and the resulting drink is weaker in alcohol and noticeably sour in taste.
However, some wineries are taking on this challenge and offering fruit drinks on the market. Cherries, chokeberries, raspberries, strawberries, etc. can be used to prepare such a drink. It is important that they have high sugar content.
The production technology is similar to that of the grape drink, but it also has its specifics. Here, as with grapes, fruit juices ferment, and the sugar in them decomposes into alcohol and carbon dioxide. However, if the sweetness in the juice is not enough to trigger this process, sugar is often added. The juice is extracted by pressing. The fermentation takes place at a temperature between 16 and 18 degrees.
Fruit wine is characterized by a sweet taste and a pleasant fresh aroma.

What foods do they go with?

Consumption of good wine with the right food is an art, the mastery of which could turn every night into a special experience. It is important to be able to find the right combinations in which flavors complement and emphasize.
Fruit wines belong to the group of light, fresh and relatively sweet wine offerings. Their different varieties can be served with fish or chicken. They are a good addition to pizzas, pasta and cheese. You could consume them with light summer dishes or spicy food. Some of the bottles go well with desserts. And they can be drunk as an aperitif.
Store at a temperature of 10 degrees and eat chilled.
For your convenience, you will find tips for the appropriate combinations for each of the drinks offered in the catalog.

What wines await you in the section

● Bulgarian fruit wines;
● drinks from natural fruits (raspberries, chokeberry);
● combinations between fruit and different white and red grape varieties. Among the species we offer you can find species combining 50% Mavrud with 50% raspberries, or Merlot with raspberries, or Chardonnay, Muscat and raspberries;
● from different manufacturers (Trastena, Zagrey);
● from various regions;
● in this section the choice of harvests is relatively small, as fruit wines are not left to mature for long.

Why trust

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