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Which wine is orange? What is appropriate to consume? Is it produced in our country? Find out more about this interesting drink!

About orange wine technology

The main difference between white and red wine is not in the color of the bunches from which they are made, but in the method of production. In white wines, the shell of the grain, which contains the color pigment, is removed, while in red wines it gives the specific nuance. The technology of the oranges combines these two methods.
Orange wine is made from white grapes that have been in contact with their skins for a certain period of time (two weeks, about a month or so). Thus, not only pigments but also tannins and phenols enter the drink from the shells. These substances are eliminated in the production of white wines, but are part of the specific taste and aroma of red. And because the time that orange drinks spend with flakes is shorter than what rubies spend, the first color is reminiscent of dark amber.
The method of production of this drink makes it close to the rosette, but with the rosette the technology is the opposite - red wine varieties are prepared by methods typical of white wine.

Where does the name come from

Although the method of fermentation of orange wine has been known to people in many countries for centuries, in few places it has survived to this day. And the term "orange wine" did not appear until 2004. Then an English trader in Italy called the drink he sold that way. The name is rapidly gaining popularity and is gaining ground around the world.

What is consumed with

As the technology of production of this drink suggests, it is heavier than white, but lighter than red. So it is appropriate to consume with a variety of foods. However, the lighter ones prevail.
Great for both oily and drier fish, as well as seafood and sushi. It is also a good drink that you can choose for soft and hard cheeses, for light and Mediterranean salads. Some species are also recommended for consumption with chicken dishes and appetizers.
You can bet on them in addition to meat dishes, as well as spicy specialties.
Orange is also a good choice for an aperitif. It is consumed chilled.

Which are the producing countries

This alcoholic beverage is traditionally produced in Italy, France, USA (California), Georgia, Austria. Some of the renowned wineries in our country also have offers with excellent taste.
What species we will find in the section
● Bulgarian. We present to your attention orange drinks from Villa Melnik, Villa Vinifera, Rossidi and other classy local producers. The regions in our country where this drink is produced are the Struma Valley, the Thracian lowland, the Danube plain;
● Austrian. They represent the technology traditional for some of the areas in Austria;
● of different varieties. Excellent taste qualities are demonstrated by drinks of this type from the varieties Pinot Gris, Traminer, Gewürztraminer, Dimyat, Sauvignon Blanc and others;
● harvest. In the drop-down menu you can select the harvest.

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