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When it comes to German wines, Riesling is usually the first association. What is characteristic of this variety and how to consume it? See some tips from!

What a wine Riesling is

You can also find it with the name Rhine Riesling, which unambiguously suggests from which region it originates. This German white grape variety is typical of the areas along the Rhine and Moselle rivers in Germany. Information about him in old German documents have been found since the 15th and 16th centuries. To this day, about a quarter of the world's total Riesling grapes are found in Germany. However, plantations of it are grown in many other countries: Austria, France, Northern Italy, USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Argentina.
Characteristic of this variety is that it grows well in moderate and cool temperatures and is one of the most resistant to cold. It is often planted in areas with hilly terrain.

What white wine is produced from the variety

The characteristics of the grapes, although of the same variety, depend on the geographical and climatic characteristics of the region in which they are grown.
German Riesling can be used to produce both light and delicate wine, harvested at the beginning of the harvest, and more densely. It can be a drier drink, but also sweeter. The aromas it is characterized by are rich in flowers and honey, dried fruits and herbs.
In its cultivation, the method of infection with "noble mold" is often used, in which the water from the grains evaporates, the grain is raisined and the sugar concentration increases. The popular German dessert wines are produced from this white variety. Traditionally, Riesling is the main grape used to make snow wines. It is also used to make sparkling drinks.

What is the Bulgarian Riesling

Massifs of this grape are also grown in Bulgaria, and a separate variety of "Bulgarian Riesling" has been registered. The Bulgarian variety was selected in the 50s of the last century from a cross between Riesling and Dimyat.

What types you will find in the section

German. You can order wine from the Moselle region in Germany. The drink in this area is characterized by low alcohol content and a wide range of flavors and aromas;
Austrian. Drinks from Austria come from a variety of regions and producers;

Bulgarian. The grapes are grown in the Danube plain, the Thracian lowlands, the Black Sea coast. We offer bottles from different wineries: Minkovi Brothers, Salla Estate, Vinex Preslav, Domaine Marash. You will also find labels of Vida's own production;
various harvests (since 2011).

What foods are consumed

Depending on the characteristics of the drink, it can be served with different types of fish, seafood, vegetables and cheeses. It can also serve as a balancing taste for spicy food.
Dessert drinks, which are suitable for consumption with sweet foods, are also highly valued.

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