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When it comes to Japanese alcohol, our first association is usually "sake". Here, however, we present you another drink produced in the Land of the Rising Sun that is reaping worldwide success, namely whisky.

What is characteristic about Japanese whisky?

How it all started?

Whisky, popular today all over the world, was brought to Japan in the 19th century. Attempts to produce it there began around 1860, but the first distillery officially opened in 1924. At the beginning of it all was Shinjiro Tori - he was a pharmaceutical wholesaler who began importing Western liquor and later producing wine similar to Portuguese wine. His success was great, but he was looking for an even greater challenge. He set out to produce Japanese whisky. Tori hired the chemist Masataka Taketsuru, who had studied distillation technology in Scotland. The two were the first producers of the drink on Japanese soil. Taketsuru focused on trying to recreate the process of making the alcoholic drink, just as it happened in Scotland. Tori built his distillery in Yamazaki, a suburb of Kyoto. The location was not chosen by chance - they looked for a terrain and climate that resembled conditions in Scotland as closely as possible, and the region is known for the excellent quality of its water. Taketsuru later separated to set up his own whisky production company.

The taste

Even the first Western visitors to the country to try the drink created here described it as "Scotch whisky made in Japan". However, the local 'scotch' never managed to become very popular abroad until towards the end of the 20th century. In 2001, however, a local ten-year-old whisky won the 'Best of the Best' award at the Whisky Magazine Awards. In the years that followed, Japanese spirits were a regular feature in selections and rankings. Various representatives of the country have won gold medals and at 'blind tastings' often outperform reputable Scotch brands.

There are currently fewer than 20 distilleries operating in Japan, and their drinks are renowned in many countries for their exquisitely rich taste.

What types you will find in the section

  • Kamiki - The company is named "Breath of God", as the magical winds coming from Mount Miwa were called. "Kamiki" offers rare malt whiskies made with their own ingredients and pure Japanese spring water. The distillery's products are aged twice, and uniquely, the second time is in Japanese cedar casks (the first company in the world to use casks made from this wood). The resulting drink has a perfectly balanced mellow taste, with top notes of sandalwood and a finish accented with green tea.
  • Kura. The production of Kura from Okinawa also has specific characteristics related to maturation. Here, the first ageing is in American oak barrels and the second in Japanese rum barrels. Limited quantities of different whiskies are bottled, aged up to 18 years;
  • Mars. One of Japan's oldest distilleries, producing drinks since the post-war period. Mars' malt whisky has a delicate, fresh and fruity-spicy taste;
  • Chita. The company offers quality grain whisky that is aged in wine and Spanish oak barrels for greater complexity of flavor;
  • Sasanokawa Shuzo Distillery. This spirit is made from several different malts;
  • Toki Suntory.

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