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Nothing compares to the aroma of roasted coffee beans. It is so enchanting and magical that even people who do not like to drink coffee like it. It smells of eternal summer, of the Orient, of the rising sun. Perhaps this is one of the main reasons why many lovers of the hot beverage prefer the coffee beans to the conveniently ground.

Защо да изберем кафе на зърна

Yes, ground coffee is easy to use and can quickly be put directly into a coffee maker. Even more practical are the capsules, which are directly dosed for the respective machine. With the bean variety, however, the taste and aroma are much more intense. They are preserved until the grinding and are therefore much richer in the drink itself. In contrast, with the ground coffee, this is precisely the biggest disadvantage - the flavour of the drink depends on the dissolution of the oils in it, and these are contained precisely in the beans. After grinding, they gradually start to evaporate and the aroma weakens.

Another plus of coffee beans is that if you have a special grinder with the option of adjusting the size of the ground particles, you can choose yourself how coarse the grind should be. This way you can prepare drinks with different flavour intensities.

To best preserve the properties of the coffee, experts recommend that after opening the package, it should be stored in glass jars with a tight seal.

What types and brands you will find in the category?

  • Lavazza - The Italian brand, whose history dates back to 1895, offers good coffee beans from different series. You have a choice between Crema, Crema Aroma Espresso (distinguished by a strong aroma, full-bodied taste and thick crema), Top Class (with balanced flavors of chocolate, dried fruit and an aftertaste of bitter cocoa). Lavazza is one of the world's largest producers and uses Arabica and Robusta from India, Java, Brazil and many other coffee destinations for its beverages;
  • Illy - Another company from Italy, which was founded in 1933 in. Today its red and white logo is recognizable everywhere. Even before the Second World War, Illy developed its system of packaging coffee in metal boxes, whereby the beans optimally retain their properties during transport as they are protected from oxidation. The brand's traditional metal boxes, which have proven their effectiveness over the years, can still be found today in our catalogue. Among the types offered are Espresso, Monoarabica Brazil, Monoarabica Ethiopia, Monoarabica Guatemala;
  • Julius Meinl. The Austrian company with 150 years of history has perfected every stage of its production. It selects coffee beans from small farms and plantations all over the world, which guarantees the personal treatment and attention to the raw material. All of the brand's coffees are premium quality;
  • You can also order a high-end coffee from the Bulgarian company Alda Speciality Coffee. The product is imported from coffee regions with a long-standing reputation in South and Central America, with high altitude farms specially selected.

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