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Coffee is the indispensable morning ritual, without which the day does not seem to begin fully. The cups for the aromatic drink are among the most used in every household. If you are about to buy one, it is important to choose the right ones for the type of coffee you drink most often. Take a look at what the main types are and what Julius Meinl has to offer.

What types of coffee cups exist?

For espresso

Perhaps the most common refreshing drink is espresso. It has a smaller volume, so accordingly the cups for it are the most compact size. Their capacity ranges from 35 to 85 ml. They have a saucer and a handle. They can be square, round or oval on the outside, but it is important that the inside is egg-shaped. The best quality models are made of thick porcelain. Both the shape of the inside and the material and thickness of the walls and bottom are important to keep the liquid warm and the foam as long as possible.

For Turkish coffee

Suitable cups are slightly larger than those for espresso - 70-100 ml. They are usually egg-shapes, and the material is porcelain or ceramic.

For Cappuccino

Here, milk is added to the coffee in a 2:1 ratio, so if you often serve cappuccino, plan for larger cups. Sizes range from 160 to 250 ml. The shapes are varied: egg-shaped, cylindrical, square, etc. There is usually one of these types of cups in every home, as they are quite versatile. Not only cappuccino can be served in them, but also espresso with cream, long or instant coffee and other hot drinks.

For latte

The milk here is much more than in cappuccino, so you need a 220-300 ml cup. Models are usually narrower and taller, may have a stool as well as a handle. They are made of porcelain or glass

For frappe

There's ice in this summer refreshing coffee drink, so you need the biggest coffee cups for it. They are extremely elegant: tall, 350 ml, glass and with a stool.

What should we know about Julius Meinl?

Julius Meinl is one of the world's leading coffee brands. The company was founded back in 1862, is based in Vienna and bears the name of its founder Julius Meinl. Today, the brand is run by the fifth generation of the Meinl family. Julius Meinl offers its products in over 70 countries high-quality coffee from coffee plantations in South America, Central America and Africa.

The Julius Meinl logo is among the most popular symbols of the beverage worldwide: a silhouette of a black boy with a fez on his head. It was created in 1924 and its idea is to show that a large part of the production comes from Africa. The Julius Meinl logo was updated in 2004 when its shape was stylised and the image was presented as a silhouette in one colour. The dark complexion of the boy's skin was thus eliminated.

What you will find in the section is an online boutique for connoisseurs of classy drinks. Our ambition is to offer quality products for every moment of the day: coffee, tea, wine, alcoholic drinks. And because the whole culture associated with the consumption of each of them is important to us, we offer accessories and gourmet foods to make the pleasure complete.

In this category you will find luxury coffee cups of the Julius Meinl collection:

  • for espresso - porcelain with handle and saucer;
  • for cappuccino - porcelain with handle and saucer;
  • to go cup - non spill with lid, keeps the temperature of the drink, can be used on the go or in the car. Made from recycled materials.

All products in the category are made of high quality materials with great durability. They are extremely elegant and come in the classic Julius Meinl colours - red and white. The Austrian brand's products are a desirable jewel for any kitchen.

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