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The word "coffee" comes in Bulgarian, as in other European languages, from the Ottoman-Turkish "kahve", but in our country it remains with the characteristic French accent on the last syllable. In the Ottoman language, however, the term comes from Arabic, and Arab linguists claim that the word for "I have no appetite" ("qaia") is similar, as this is one of the properties of coffee - to suppress the appetite. They also point out that centuries ago a similar word was used to mean a type of wine. Everything in the world is connected, isn't it?

We at are connoisseurs not only of wine, but also of all those precious rituals of bliss that we give ourselves in everyday life.

The path of the aromatic coffee beans

Analogues of coffee with wine were not uncommon in antiquity, as both drinks were highly prized. The first records in Arabic sources of the preparation of the hot liquid from coffee beans date from about 1000 years before the New Era. The still popular Mocha variety is believed to be the oldest known and takes its name from the Yemeni coastal trading town of Mocha. For a long time, however, the spread was slow, and in the beginning the drink was used as a kind of medicine against weakness and weakness. The Arabs long kept the secret of its preparation. However, the increase in the number of foreign pilgrims to Mecca accelerated the process of popularisation, and the coffee beans taken to various countries were called 'Islamic wine'. In the 16th century, the greatly increased popularity of the beverage led to the "Coffee Council" organized by senior Muslim clerics, at which it was decided that the caffeinated beverage, along with wine, should be banned among the orthodox for corrupting the mind and leading away from the faith. This prohibition never lasted long.

In Europe, the first café was opened in the 17th century in Venice, Italy. The traditional Italian drink cappuccino is named after its creators, the Capuchin monks. In the 17th and 18th centuries, coffee beans spread to almost every country in the world, including Russia (their first known fan was Tsar Alexei Romanov), Brazil, and India. Some of today's popular large coffee companies, such as Lavazza, were founded in the 19th century.

Today, different types of coffee trees are grown in over 70 countries and the ritual of drinking the morning cup is a must for millions of people around the world because of the drink's proven invigorating properties. The caffeine it contains improves the speed of brain reactions.

What types of coffee you will find in the category

  • Brands. Our catalogue includes products of some of the most famous brands in Italy, Germany, Bulgaria and Austria - Illy, Lavazza, Tchibo, O'CCaffe, Julius Meinl, Alda and others.
  • Varieties. The enchanting aroma of each of the varieties carries its own story and magic. In our catalogue you will find different varieties of Arabica and Robusta coffees, selected from the best regions around the world;
  • Packages. You can choose the most convenient for you in packs of beans or ground coffee with a weight of 1 kg, 500 g, 250 g and more;
  • In a package or in capsules. For your convenience, the capsules are provided for direct preparation of one dose in a coffee maker. In the respective product you can see with what machines they are compatible. Packages of 10 to 100 capsules are available.

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Everything we do in online boutique is related to our desire to offer the highest standard and top products. That is why we do not limit ourselves to the production and trade of the best wine from Bulgaria and the world, but offer complete care and enjoyment for all the senses at every moment of the day: from the morning coffee, through the afternoon tea to the evening glass of fine wine.

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