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For lovers of other spirits, all whiskey types is just whiskey. For connoisseurs, however, each of the varieties of this spirit has its own specifics and individual features. If you're a fan of bourbon, you've come to the right place.

What maket the bourbon different?

Some history

In fact, bourbon cannot be accurately called whiskey, as whiskey is produced by distilling wheat, rye or barley, while bourbon is a spirit made from corn. The difference comes from the fact that the first settlers in North America were largely from Ireland, Scotland and England. The settlers coming from the whiskey's native lands continued their tradition of creating spirits in the New World. There, however, instead of wheat or barley, another grain predominated, namely corn. The technology was the same, but it was the corn that gave the different taste.

Although some theories claim that the name of this type of alcohol comes from the royal French family of the Bourbons, there is little logical reason for this other than the similarity in names. In fact, the drink is so called because of the name of the area of Bourbon County, Kentucky in the United States. It is in Kentucky that to this day over 90% of the world's bourbon production is concentrated.


For a whisky to be called a bourbon, it must be made in the USA. Other grains are allowed to be present in its composition, but a minimum of 51% corn is required. The spirit is aged in new smoked oak barrels before being released for sale. According to American law, to be sold as bourbon, the drink must have been aged for a minimum of 2 years. However, many producers extend this period to obtain a fuller and richer flavour. The minimum alcohol content for bottling is 40%.

Interestingly, although it meets most of the conditions, the Jack Daniel's brand is not defined as a bourbon. The owners of the brand insist on their drink being called "Tennessee whiskey". The reason given is that the liquid at Jack Daniel's is filtered through activated maple charcoal.

What labels will you find in the category?

Jim Beam

One of the world's most famous bourbon brands has been producing premium spirits since 1795. In our selection for you we have selected not only the popular releases of the brand, but also collectible bottles of Jim Beam series:

  • Jim Beam Distillers (created to honour the 200th anniversary of the company's founding);
  • Black (aged at least 6 years);
  • Devil's cut (a strong 45-degree drink);
  • Double Oak (aged in two types of barrels).


The famous brand of bourbon "Bulleit" dates back 150 years, and since then it has been a symbol of high class. The characteristic retro bottle is also one of the brand's distinctive elements. Among the offerings in the category you will find Bulleit 10 YO.

Four Roses

The spirit's romantic name recalls the love between the company's founder and his future wife, who promised to wear a red rose if her response to his marriage proposal was positive. However, on the appointed day, she wore not one but four roses to express her joy at the upcoming event and this gave the drink its name. In our catalogue you will find both the most widely distributed version of the drink and rare editions of the brand: Four Roses Single Barrel, Small Batch and others.


One more American classic. Hudson was the first cask whisky created in the Hudson Valley after the Prohibition.

And more

Among the American brands in the category are also:

  • Woodford Reverse;
  • Maker’s Mark;
  • Booker’s;
  • Baker’s;
  • Knob Creek;

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