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Red wine has been part of human history for thousands of years. It was revered in ancient Greece and Rome. It is even written about in the Bible, it served as an inspiration for poets, writers and artists. Today, the divine drink is still in demand, and its varieties delight connoisseurs around the world.

How is it done

Grapes with a dark red to blue skin are used to produce red wine. Remove the stalks and mash the beans. Allow to ferment with the flakes and minced meat. Thus, the characteristic ruby to black pigment penetrates the juice. In addition, the shells also contain tannins, which are of great importance for the formation of the characteristic taste.
During the fermentation process, sugars are converted into alcohol and carbon dioxide.
The next part of the classic production technology is aging. Lighter fruit wines are consumed young, while those with a more saturated concentration of tannin are left to mature in oak barrels. After the allotted time for aging, the drink is stabilized, filtered and bottled. Some species are additionally aged in bottles.

What are the benefits of red wine

If there is a prize for the healthiest alcoholic beverage, then red wine definitely grabs it with ease. However, we are talking about moderate consumption - no more than one glass per night. Here are the benefits this can bring you:
● Lowers blood sugar;
● Improves sleep (but it is important to be consumed with food);
● Helps to be in good physical shape. The drink slows down the formation of new fat cells and inhibits the growth of existing ones;
● Increases immunity against colds;
● Reduces the risk of dementia;
● Lowers the levels of bad cholesterol and increases those of the good. This leads to a lower risk of cardiovascular disease.

What foods are served with

Good red wine goes well with quality food. It is the heaviest of these alcoholic beverages, so it is good to combine with similarly heavy foods. Especially dry drinks are a good company for meat dishes: pork, beef, lamb. They can also be consumed with pasta (pizza, spaghetti), especially those with red sauce.
Sweeter red wines can be served with different cheeses.
If the drink you have chosen is a dessert, you can combine it with chocolate cakes or drink it as an aperitif.

What types you will find in the section

Variety of varieties
There are thousands of known red grape varieties around the world. The most popular among them are Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Syrah. Among the traditional Bulgarian varieties are Mavrud, Gamza, Rubin, Pamid and others.
Bulgarian and foreign
We have selected a rich selection of various types of French, Italian, Spanish, Austrian wine and bottles from the United States and South Africa.
From the Bulgarian offers you can choose from drinks from all regions of the country.
Leading brands
Our partners are popular wineries from Bulgaria and the world. The products of Bratya Minkovi, Villa Vinifera, Damyanitsa, Domain Menada, Zagrey, Katarzhina, Santa Sara, Todorov and others are in great demand.

Own production

VIDA Wine and Spirits Boutique offers boutique series of white and red wine, produced from its own vineyards, located in the popular with its wine traditions Vidin region.
You can select the year of manufacture as an option from the drop-down menu in the results filter section.

Why choose from

The section dedicated to red wines is the richest in our online store. Over 200 labels from around the world of various classes and produced by dozens of wineries. We have made sure that there are prices affordable for every budget, as well as that we always offer quality promotional offers. is the place where you can find the right drinks for every occasion. From popular series to luxury offers.