In this category you will find a wide variety of accessories for wine and alcohol. The minimum order quantity for each item is 6 pieces.

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High class is reflected in every detail. The accessories associated with the serving of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages not only complement the refined style of the table, but also add personality to the overall furnishing of the room.

In what glasses to serve the wine?

Wine consumption is part of an overall culture, and the shape of the glasses for each variety of drink has its not only aesthetic but also practical arguments:

  • For red wine, round, tulip-shaped glasses with a stool are used. They have a larger opening so that all the aromatic notes can be perceived when sipping;
  • For white, the shape is similar but narrower. The reason is that the drink is lighter and it is better not to have too wide a surface for contact with the air, so that the vapours do not lose their richness. The smaller opening helps them to swirl;
  • Sparkling wine is served in the tallest and narrowest glasses so that the carbon dioxide is retained for as long as possible and the bubbles rise up beautifully.

In what glasses to serve spirits?

Spirits glasses and accessories are also subject to a variety of rules designed to get the best taste out of every sip. Glasses for many drinks are universal. You can serve whisky, bourbon or vodka in the classic low and wide glasses, with straight or slightly sloping sides. The exception is the Glencairn Scotch offerings, where the shape is reminiscent of a hoof. They are designed specifically for whisky.

If you are going to serve cognac, you should have a glass model with a low stool and a wide round centre section. The effect sought here is similar to that of drinking wine - concentration of the vapours and a full experience of the drink's aroma.

In the category you will find luxury sets of 2, 4 or 6 glasses and the material is glass or crystal.

Porcelain for the coffee

And because we offer a wide selection of premium coffees in our catalogue, we have also prepared ourselves with the corresponding cups and accessories. The coffee cups in our online shop are manufactured by one of the world's most popular brands. The Austrian company Julius Meinl not only offers quality coffee from the best regions in the world, but also produces beautiful accessories for the aromatic drink. In our catalogue you will find models for espresso and cappuccino, decorated with the distinctive colours and the characteristic logo of the company. For people who are always on the go, the To Go model has been developed with a comfortable shape and a tight cap..

What other wine and spirits accessories will you find?

  • Decanters - beautiful vessels turn pouring wine into a ritual. They are practical - they help to remove the sediment (if any) and remain in the bottle. But they are also extremely beautiful - an elegant addition to any table. Decanters and carafe can also be used to serve other types of alcohol;
  • Wine buckets - this accessory is present on every sophisticated table. Here you will find beautiful glass wine buckets with a handle and a transparent clip;
  • Water glasses. They are also a must-have at meals. No matter what time of day it is, what the menu is and what the other drinks are. It is important that guests are free at any time to sip water when they feel thirsty.

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When preparing an important dinner, the three most important items to think about are first - considering the menu, second - the drinks, and then - the table setting. The third element seems the least important, but it actually contributes a lot to the overall impression of the guests. When all the dishes and accessories are arranged beautifully and complement each other, building a whole, the event takes on a complete look, and guests are left with the impression of style and high class. online shop is the place where every item is selected with care. Here you will find great wines from different regions of Bulgaria and the world, classy alcohol, delicious gourmet specialties and luxury accessories for the table. All of this is affordable and top quality. Treat yourself in style with!