Hendrick’s Neptunia 0.7

Country of origin: Scotland
Packaging: 0.7 l
ABV: 41.40%

Price 67.99 BGN


Hendrick’s Neptunia is a new addition to the brand's portfolio, inspired by the fresh coastal air and the endless mysteries of the sea. Hendrick's Master Distiller, Lesley Gracie, set herself the task of compiling the magnificent sensory characteristics of the sea into a bottle of gin. With Hendrick's Neptunia, her goal is successfully met and she succeeds in recreating her idea in this magnificent limited edition of Cabinet of Curiosities.

The exclusive product not only follows modern trends in the segment, but is also oriented towards the eco-friendly development of the brand. Hendrick's Neptunia is part of WG&S's seagrass protection project, executed in partnership with the organization - Project Seagrass. As well as sitting at the top of the food chain, seagrass has the responsible task of absorbing much of the carbon in marine waters.

The magic of the sea is recreated in Hendrick's Neptunia Gin through the impressive symbiosis between an infusion of cucumber, rose and a carefully curated selection of marine plants sourced from Scotland's picturesque coastlines. This amazing blend delivers complexity and depth of flavour, a sense of earthy notes and an intensity of freshness. The finish will leave you immersed in a citrus perfume that creates the sensation of a pleasant sea breeze.

Hendrick's Neptunia Gin develops its palette of flavours beautifully in classic gin cocktails, adding a refreshing maritime twist. Вижте повече за Hendrick’s Neptunia Gin в нашия блог.

We recommend trying it in the Hendrick's Neptunia Gin Fizz cocktail.

The ingredients:

2 parts Hendrick's Neptunia Gin
1 part lime juice
1 part syrup
Soda water
3 slices cucumber

Mix all ingredients in a highball glass filled with ice cubes. Top with soda and garnish with 3 cucumber slices.



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