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The good combinations between wine and quality food bring pleasure to the senses. But how to find the perfect harmony? See our offers from for irresistible delicacies, as well as some tips for their good combinations.

How to combine food with wine

In order to achieve the best taste combination, it is important to have balance. The basic principle of the combinations is that if the dish has a more intense taste, then the wine should be heavier. Light meats and foods go well with lighter white and red drinks.

If the dish is sweet, then so should the drink. Desserts are served with sweet dessert wines. Let's give a few examples.

Dry white wines

You could combine them with meats like chicken, turkey, fish (salmon). Pork is also a good pair.

Fruity whites

This drinks fits perfect with fish and salads. It is very good combination with spicy foods.


They are pleasant and fragrant, but among them there are also those that are from stronger grape varieties. In general, the rosette gives many opportunities for combination. The stronger representatives of this drink could be served with grilled meat, seafood, as well as pizza or pasta. Lighter versions of the drink are suitable for cold meat appetizers, salads and other light hors d'oeuvres.


They are usually dry and are chosen as an aperitif. The menu is accompanied by seafood, cheese, sushi, crispy bites.


Drinks with a dense body bring an abundance of aromas and saturation of flavors. Suitable for them are beef or pork, as well as spicy specialties. Lighter and fruity offerings are a good company of Italian food, chicken, soft cheeses. Red varieties are also suitable for cocoa desserts, including dark chocolate.

What delicacies will you find in the section

Do you like refined tastes? Do you always want to choose the best? In our online store we have set aside a special place for gourmets who know that wine reveals its full potential, precisely when combined with the right food. We have selected a catalog of top delicacies for you:

  • Chorizo ​​- the Spanish specialty is a sausage cut into large pieces of pork. Its spicy taste as well as the reddish color are due to the red pepper, which is an essential element of the recipe. Chorizo ​​is very popular in Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Argentina and all of South America. Some of its varieties are part of typical Latin American dishes with potatoes and vegetables. The slice delicacy, which you will find in our online store, however, is perfectly dried, juicy, with a refined taste and characteristic aroma - ready for direct consumption;
  • Duck liver - prepared according to a classic French recipe. The rich rich taste of duck is enriched with fine white pepper, fragrant Sauternes and aged French Armagnac. You can serve the delicacy as an appetizer or appetizer. The wines suitable for it are aged white and red, as well as fresh reds;
  • Pâtés - from duck liver according to a classic French recipe. Their delicate texture and delicate taste make them a great addition to a slice of soft bread with a crispy crust. You could serve the delicacy with dry white or semi-dry to dessert red wines;
  • Duck leg - juicy roasted legs are ready for direct consumption and are an excellent choice for a main course with a glass of red drink.

Why order from

We at are not just producers, but connoisseurs of quality drinks. That is why in our online store we realized our dream - to create a space where the best drinks from hundreds of wineries around the world can be gathered in one place. And to complete the experience, we added top quality and affordable delicacies to our catalog. Our range is constantly expanding. Discover the exquisite flavors and aromas