VIDA знание: Видове лозарство

През последните 10 години започна да се говори за биодинамични, биологични, органични, екологични и какви ли още не вина. Идеята за написването на тази статия е да даде базисно разбиране какво представляват тези вина

How to make: Old Fashion

It's time for something old, something classic… It's time for Old Fashion. We all love whiskey, but it can be just as impressive in a tempting cocktail as the familiar Old Fashion.

How to make: Cucumber Smash

If you are looking for the ideal Sunday morning cocktail, then definitely choose Cucumber Smash. It is based on the Hendrick's Lunar gin and is made with fresh cucumber and lime. Here is the recipe.

How to make: Negroni

"Negroni" is one of the most popular cocktails with gin in the world. You will only need 3 ingredients: gin, vermouth and campari, but the taste is mesmerizing. Here is the recipe.

How to make: Gin & Tonic

The cocktail "Gin & Tonic" is among the favourite ones among many people around the world. It is easy to make and is an excellent choice for the hot summer days.