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What are the healthy benefits of nuts?

Nuts have been a key part of man's menu since ancient times. But if then they were important more for the possibility to easily obtain and stock up on them, today we can appreciate their health benefits. Nuts are a complete source of iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus. In some of the types there are large amounts of vitamin A, E, B group, etc.

It is no coincidence that they are one of the key menu elements for people who do not eat meat (as well as when fasting). Nuts are filling, and the vitamins and minerals they contain are highly concentrated - enough to supply the human body with the right amount of protein.

The only concern with their consumption is related to the fat they contain. This plant food is quite caloric. However, the facts show that the fat in it does not lead to the accumulation of bad cholesterol and the calories give us energy. Unlike the calories in sweets, for example, which are 'hollow' and easily accumulate in the form of excess weight, those in nuts are wholesome and suitable for people who exercise, for diabetics and for people on a diet (in small amounts).

With what drinks to combine them?

Nuts are an excellent addition to a quality drink. They are easy to serve, suitable for party, cocktails, home and restaurant gatherings. They go well with wine as well as high-alcohol drinks such as whiskey and bourbon.

What types you will find in the section

  • Walnuts. One of the world's most popular representatives of this food family. Walnuts thrive well in temperate climates and have been cultivated for centuries in our country. They are good for the brain: improve memory and help with stress, including depression. They have excellent indications in prevention against cardiovascular diseases, atherosclerosis and hypertension;
  • Hazelnuts. Also one of the nuts traditionally grown in our latitudes. Excellent antioxidant. Rich in amino acids and proteins. Useful for the nervous system;
  • Almonds. They need a slightly warmer climate. They do well in the Mediterranean region, but almond plantations can also be seen in places in Southern Bulgaria. They are good for the digestive and excretory systems. They are rich in antioxidants and vitamin E;
  • Pistachio. It was cultivated in Western Asia (Iran, Turkmenistan), but today it grows in many regions, including the Mediterranean. Useful for good eyesight, healthy skin, bones and teeth. Pistachios have an excellent effect on cholesterol levels and are also considered an aphrodisiac;
  • Cashew. It originates from Brazil and is cultivated in South America and Africa. It is beneficial for respiratory problems and viruses. It reduces bad cholesterol levels, is beneficial for blood indicators;
  • Peanuts. Although the peanut is actually a member of the beans family because of its crunchiness and appearance, it is often assumed to be a nut. It has a high content of vitamin B3, vitamin E and zinc. Useful for tissue renewal and prevention of cardiovascular disease;
  • Dried fruits. A great addition to sweet dessert wines. With the highest concentration of vitamins and minerals compared to any other type of preserved fruit.

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