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What glasses do you serve the different alcoholic drinks in? Or maybe you don't pay attention to such details? But it does matter, especially for connoisseurs of quality spirits - the right glass makes the experience more fulfilling and enhances the taste.

What do the glasses look like for different types of alcohol

For brandy or cognac

Brandy is a type of French slightly sweet alcohol that is obtained by distilling wine or fermenting the juice of other fruits (apples, pears, cherries, apricots, etc.), while cognac is a variety of it that is obtained from specific grape varieties. The analogy with wine is not only in the composition but also in the type of glass. The model for brandy largely resembles that for wine. Like it, it has a stool and is oval in shape, but the stool is shorter. This shape allows the aromas to reach concentrated to the person consuming the drink. It is recommended to hold on to the stool rather than the top.

For whisky, bourbon or scotch

The glasses for this alcohol hold up to about 300 ml. Their predecessor were wooden bowl-shaped vessels that had handles. Today, however, the glasses for these high-alcohol beverages are usually cylindrical or have a slightly narrower base and a widening towards the opening. These wider models are suitable for serving the alcoholic drink on the rocks, as well as to allow the aroma to be better perceived.

For whisky Glencairn

Glencairn is a model specifically for Scotch whisky consumption. The silhouette is inspired by that of a goat's hoof - slightly tapered at the base, voluminous in the centre and narrower at the opening. This shape allows the aromas to concentrate so that all the delicate aromatic notes of the drink can be experienced. It is also comfortable to hold. The model has been gaining popularity in recent years and is increasingly being used to consume other types of aged alcohol such as bourbon, Irish, Canadian and Japanese whiskey.

Glass or crystal

The difference in composition between glass and crystal is mainly that crystal contains at least 24% lead oxide. It softens the material and allows it to be engraved and decorated more easily. In addition, it increases its weight, the crystal acquires a particular lustre and reflects light in a very spectacular way. The sound of the crystal glasses knocking against each other during a toast is also more sonorous and resonant. The beautiful appearance of crystal models often makes them a preferred choice when consuming alcohol.

However, glass types are also highly sought after. Glass comes in a huge variety of shapes and patterns, and its prices are more affordable.

What types you will find in the section

The liquor glasses we've selected offer beautiful options for serving a variety of beverage types:

  • for cognac (500 ml, 800 ml, etc.);
  • for whisky/bourbon in cylindrical shape;
  • for whisky/bourbon with a narrower base and an expansion towards the opening;
  • Glencairn type;
  • glass;
  • crystal with ornaments and decorations;
  • sets of 2,4 and 6 pieces;
  • sets with jug.

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