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A nice cup of coffee in the morning is not just a habit, but a ritual with a key meaning. It not only wakes us up, but also starts our day with a good mood and positive attitude. How do you prefer your drink to be prepared? And what type of coffee do you prefer? Here we offer you quality and easy-to-use ground varieties.

Why choosing ground coffee?

When you have limited time, ground coffee is a particularly good choice. It has the natural aroma of roasted coffee beans, but it's also ready to brew without having to allow extra minutes for grinding. In addition, unlike ready-made capsule doses, ground coffee that comes in packets is versatile - you can use it for different coffee makers and coffee machines, and you determine the dose you need.

Proper storage

The intense aromas of the coffee beans are persistent and we feel them from afar. However, it is good to keep in mind that in order to enjoy the aroma in all its fullness and with maximum concentration, it is still good to store the raw material properly. After grinding, if the coffee mixture has prolonged contact with the air, it gradually loses some of its precious aromatic notes. This is why ground coffee comes in relatively small packages - so it is used up more quickly before it loses any of its freshness.

Once the package is opened, it is advisable to store the ground coffee in a tightly closed container (glass jar, metal box, etc. are suitable) in a dry place (it is important that the room does not have high humidity) and without direct access to sunlight.

Types of ground coffee

Depending on how you intend to prepare it, there is a difference in the type of ground coffee. The differences are achieved by varying the grinding time. The coarsest grinds are the blends for the pot. They can also be used for a coffee maker. Medium-ground coffee is coffee intended for a machine or a coffee maker. Fine is suitable for automatic coffee machines. Fine grinding preserves the properties longer because of the dense consistency and the difficulty of getting air inside.

What types you will find in the section

  • Julius Meinl. The popular Austrian brand is among the market leaders and its history dates back more than 150 years. The production of the brand is perfected to the last detail, and the raw material itself is selected from the best coffee growing regions in the world. Among the brand's offerings in the section are Julianum (an authentic Viennese premium blend created from high-altitude fine varieties) and Polson (a drink with Italian spirit, full-bodied flavour and chocolate notes);
  • The German company stands for reputation and trust. Tchibo is popular throughout Central and Eastern Europe. In our catalogue you will find its organic offers. Tchibo Bio Coffee is organically grown, hand-picked and sun-dried;
  • The main types of coffee produced in the world are Arabica and Robusta. While Arabica has a lighter and delicate taste, Robusta is stronger, more bitter and higher in caffeine. The first one is grown in more places and is also marketed on its own, while the second one is usually added to blends to give the drink body and strength. From our catalogue you can choose according to your taste both quality ground 100% Arabica and a mix of Arabica plus Robusta.

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