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If you still haven't found your drink to drink in the evening after work, why not try to tickle your senses with a glass of nice rum? The alcoholic beverage is a favorite of many people around the world, and this is due to its definite qualities and even benefits for human health.
The main raw material for the production of the drink is sugar cane, as rum is mainly divided into two types - rural and industrial. The latter is also found in several other varieties, which confront us with a great variety, from which the world can turn to us - young, fragrant, old and light. Visit the online store and order the perfect drink at even better prices.

Why rum is such a popular drink

Every type of alcohol is harmful and even dangerous when consumed in excessive amounts. Wine or concentrate - you should definitely be careful with the doses to get the most out of the use of the specific type of alcoholic beverage. Rum, on the other hand, is a favorite drink for women and men, and its delicate amber taste carries us into its sweetness, filling us with longing for more and more… The velvety softness and delicately unobtrusive aftertaste - if you are not traditional and want something different for your senses, you definitely need to choose exactly this drink. Rum is a hot drink because it is served in a heated cup and can be combined with tea. This makes it ideal for the winter season, when the need for heat sources is huge. It is often ordered in restaurants, but it is also perfect for consumption at home. Why not in front of the fireplace? What an idyll!

Is it suitable as a gift

If you are wondering what to give to a relative, friend or loved one, bet on a bottle of aged rum, which there is no way not to like. Bright taste and a request for a responsible attitude to the choice - branded proposals, in this case, are not just a pampering, but a necessity. Find them in the Vida store and order one of the following fantastic solutions:
● Bacardi;
● Cuban rum;
● White;
● Spanish - Dos Maderas, etc .;
● Havana Club and others.
These, and many other brands, will make the purchase of a bottle of the drink a real pleasure, which will last for quite some time… From opening the bottle and inhaling the aroma, to taking the first and last sip; get ready for an unforgettable journey in which all five senses will take part. Are you ready for all this?

Which are the best brands

When it comes time to choose a specific type of rum, it is desirable to get acquainted in advance with the brands preferred by buyers of branded alcohol. In the Vida store they are clearly presented, and you will be able to buy a unique drink in just a few clicks. Feel free to bet on brands such as:
● Appleton;
● Brugal;
● Don Q;
● Pyrat;
● Zakap 22;
● Sailor Jerry and many more.

You don't have to be a pirate to pamper your palate with expensive alcohol, which has the potential to draw you into a unique experience that is repeated with each sip. And not only because of the unique taste of rum, but also because of the overall concept that Vida store develops for connoisseurs of good things. A composition of aroma and delicate aftertaste, which hints at strict exactingness and romantic dance between your senses and the magic of this drink.

Where to find high quality offers

Of course, in the store. Branded alcoholic beverages and boutique soft drinks - life is really good, and with a good drink in hand it is fun. Do not give in to the busy everyday life, but focus on those little sweets that give us a reason to move forward and not give up. Order a bottle of branded alcohol from and prove to yourself that you deserve more!