Angostura 1824 12YO 0.7

Brand: Angostura
Country of origin: Trinidad & Tobago
Packaging: 0.7 l
ABV: 40%

Price 134.99 BGN




Angostura 1824 is a blend of the finest aged rums, hand-selected by the company's master blender. The rums have been aged in charred American oak bourbon barrels for at least 12 years. They are then blended by hand. Enjoy this magnificent blend neat, on the rocks, or with your favorite cigar.

Nose: Hints of vanilla, cocoa, nutmeg, orange peel and sweet fruit.

Taste: Powerful yet mellow flavor, with pleasant nuances of honey, nuts and coffee.

Finish: Lingering, with accents of chocolate and sweet spices.

The history of Angostura began 2 centuries ago - in 1824, when its founder - Dr. Johann Siegert first produced aromatic bitters as a medicinal tincture that relieved stomach pains. In the 1870s, Dr. Siegert's three sons moved to Trinidad and Tobago. There, one of them, Don Carlos Siegert, succeeded in establishing the Angostura brand as an integral ingredient in cocktails and as an excellent accompaniment to food. Production of the brand's rums began as early as 1900, but in 1936 the brand achieved considerable success with the addition of Robert Siegert to the team. He was a chemist with expertise that brought significant benefit to the products' qualities. Today, the brand's drinks are a staple product used by all bartenders, both professional and amateur. By the end of the 20th century, sales of Angostura spirits amounted to 20 million litres a year.




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