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You may never go to Mexico, but you could easily take a sip of the atmosphere there. It is about the legendary tequila, which is a favorite for many generations, and it is expected to be for a very long time to come. The drink is prepared from the fruits of the agave cactus, and the production process lasts for two years! It is served in cups called "cabalitos" and with a suitable temperature - neither too high nor too low. To make its taste even more captivating, lemon slices are added, and the glass can also be sprinkled with salt.

What dish to drink tequila

The drink is drunk ex, and then a slice of lemon is eaten, with which the glass is decorated. This ritual should not be underestimated, because thanks to it we manage to fully enjoy the taste of the aromatic alcoholic beverage. All types of tequila are consumed in this way, but this, of course, is not a mandatory rule that must be followed. It is said that connoisseurs and true connoisseurs of this type of drink drink it slowly, and it is also used in many summer cocktails, which are not good to drink at once.
Drinking alcohol alone is not recommended in many cases because it could lead to drunkenness. In order not to feel dizzy with the first sip of tequila, it is good to be informed about the foods that go well with the drink. And they are:
● Pickles;
● Nuts;
● Salza;
● Chips;
● Cheese;
● Yellow cheese;
● Roasted peppers, etc.
It is a matter of personal choice and understanding of excellent taste. The most important thing is not what the generally accepted norms are, but what will make you feel pleasantly intoxicated by the consumption of tequila. See some offers in the online store and bet on brands such as Jose Cuervo, Pepe Lopez, El Jimador and others.

What percentage of alcohol is in the drink

Many people think that tequila has a higher percentage of alcohol than other types of concentrates, but this is not the case. This type of drink is bottled with about 38% concentration of alcohol, and the main ingredient in its production is blue agave. The drink bears the name of the city in which it has been made for more than 2 centuries, and means "volcano".

In which season is it consumed the most

Tequila is not accidentally associated with summer emotions and those unforgettable moments in the company of friends. Lots of smiles, light and ethereal energy, a feeling of timelessness and idyll - with a glass of tequila in hand, all this will be part of your summer vacation, which will very quickly appear around the corner. Now get ready for the upcoming Christmas holidays, which are also associated with fun and moments of happiness. And who said you should only drink Mexican drink in the summer? Why not do it now, right now!

Can we order online

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